Dell XPS 12 Wifi Issue

Following up on another post I made (I think) about how good, and bad, the Dell XPS 12 has been I thought I’d post a fix for one of the two major problems I’ve had with mine.  Aside from the touchpad issues the Wifi has been infuriating at times.

Here are the symptoms I’ve noticed, and it seems to only happen to me when connected to an N enabled hotspot/router.  Your connection will have great strength, according to the bars/meter, but no traffic is transmitted.  The only way I could fix this was to hit FN-F2 to disable and then re-enable  the adapter. It was so bad while on vacation recently that I had to do it at least once every 5 minutes. Forget about trying to download anything!

So anyway here is the fix that has worked for me.  I stumbled upon a post that had this driver version suggested as a fix, and after using it all day it’s also been a fix for me. I hope you find it fixes any Wifi issues you might be having with your XPS 12 as well!

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